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Here is a bit of the work we've done over the years:


    • BayerCare - A Web site for Bayer Consumer Products Division, to provide general information on Bayer products to consumers. We introduced this major corporation eCommerce and Inernet marketing in a very successful program.


Here are a few samples of artwork produced by The Advertising Group for our clients. We've been in business for a while, so we've built up quite a variety of work. Each of these images represents a part of a successful campaign. We selected these particular pictures because they demonsrate a few different styles of illustration. And because we already had scans that translated easily into jpegs.

And because we like them.

  • Synchronix - This was an illustration we did as part of an ad for ECCS (now Storage Engine, Inc.)

  • eccs - This illustration and the next one were developed for an image brochure some time ago.

  • Tech - Ain't technology grand?

  • Crash - Kind of a differnt view of computing.

  • Hot Swap, Don't Stop - The illustrator had fun with the colors and angles in this one.

  • Dino & Friend - This was part of a series we did for Systems Strategies, Inc. in New York. The theme was, "Sometimes you need to work together."

  • The Zoo - Another one in the Systems Strategies series.

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