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about mike ball

TAG's founder is a product of a lifetime of creativity. After graduating from Indiana University and spending a few years working in Big Industry, he set out on his own to pursue a career as a writer, photographer, and ski bum. The ski bum part never really paid off, but Mike soon used his skill as a photographer to build a successful commercial studio.

Finding the advertising agencies he was dealing with far too cumbersome and overhead-laden to be efficient, Mike founded TAG as a network of marketing communications talent. Over the next 20 years, The Advertising Group has produced hundreds of successful creative marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns for a broad spectrum of clients.

Here are a few of Mike's milestone achievements:

Featured in Inc. Magazine as an example of a seasoned businessperson creating a successful decentralized office.

Won the 2003 Erma Bombeck Award.

Created and maintained a successful eBusiness Web site for Alka-Seltzer during the formative years of Internet marketing. This site included a serialized electronic coupon program and captured visitor information to build a large, detailed customer database.

Created and maintained eBusiness Web sites for Aleve, Midol and Bayercare (Bayer Consumer Products Division). As with the Alka-Seltzer site, we were introducing major corporations to Internet marketing and developing their initial successful eBusiness programs.

Created marketing theme for Guy Hollerin's Sports Restaurant and Bar in Ann Arbor, winner of the 1991 HSMA bronze medal for one of the most outstanding Hotel Restaurant Marketing/Advertising campaigns in America.

Designed and implemented a co-op advertising and public relations plan for the Plymouth Community Chamber of Commerce. Worked on the founding team of the Plymouth Ice Sculpture Spectacular for the first eight years of this high-profile event (still going after more than twenty years).

Developed a start-up advertising and public relations campaign for O/E Distribution, Inc. which resulted in sales growth from $0 to $18,000,000 in eighteen months. Managed extremely aggressive trade-show campaign for O/E, culminating in a very strong presence at COMDEX Atlanta.

Provided marketing for ECCS, Inc. (now Storage Engine, Inc.) in Tinton Falls, NJ through a growth from $14,000.000 to $35,000,000 in sales over 3 years. This growth led to an eventual successful IPO.

Developed successful marketing campaigns for Systems Strategies, Inc. and Aegis Software, Inc. in New York, NY.





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